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Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors play a key role in the safety requirements of tall buildings, residential homes, and commercial facilities with early and accurate fire detection. Long-lasting battery life and high-efficiency, reliable performance must be taken into consideration during the design. Component size and cost are also crucial design factors. Download Flyer

/ Delivering Reliability and Safety without Compromise

Smoke detectors — and the people they protect — rely on the fail-safe operation of multiple components. The ability to connect to wireless networks and battery power is essential. And ESD protection helps ensure minimal interference when the sound of the alarm is needed. Compact design and efficient operation with low on-resistance should all be factored into smoke detector design.

/ Application Considerations

Several factors should be taken into account to optimize smoke detector designs, including:

Low leakage rectifiers and low RDS(on) MOSFETs in leadless packages are required for battery-driven products 
Low-cost, compact designs are always top priority for consumer products

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