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Zener Diodes | Status : Active


  • Package Type:DO-41
  • Packing Info: Tape : 5K/Reel, 20K/Ctn; Bulk: 1K/Box, 50K/Ctn; T/B: 5K/Ammo Box, 50K/Ctn.;
  • Category:Zener Diodes
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Datasheet ECAD Model

Product Detail

Part Number Number of Functions PD VZ IZT IR VR ZZT ZZK IZK SPICE Model
1EZ10D5 Single 19 109 259 0.019 7.69 79 7009 0.259
Part Number 1EZ10D5 Number of Functions Single PD  19 VZ  109 IZT  259 IR  0.019 VR  7.69 ZZT  79 ZZK  7009 IZK  0.259 SPICE Model


Part Number Configuration Package Type Packing Specification Component Weight (g) Marking Code Packing Info
1EZ10D5 Configuration Image Package Type Image DO-41 DO-41 0.3300 1EZ10D5 Tape : 5K/Reel, 20K/Ctn;

Reliability & Chemical Content link icon

FIT Reliability Report Material Composition Data Sheet Soldering Profile Environmental Compliance
30; Tj=100℃, Rated Vr Configuration image Download Configuration image Download Configuration image Download Environmental Compliance Download
Tin Whisker Test Report
Tin Whisker Test Report


ECN/PCN No# Title PDF Issued Date
090111 MCC developed a new silicon wafer fab source for zeners PDF 09/01/2011
070103 Pb(Lead) Free Plating Conversion PDF 07/01/2003